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Why Tesla

Experience the financial benefits of owning a Tesla car with reduced maintenance costs, fuel savings, and potential tax savings. But the real thrill is driving a high-performing, eco-friendly car that leads the way toward a sustainable future.

Options Available

Tesla offers a lineup of innovative vehicles (S, 3, X, Y) and solar solutions that help you save money and contribute to a sustainable future. All vehicles are compatible with Tesla's vast NACS Supercharging Network for consistent reliablity.

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Join the revolution in sustainable transportation by purchasing any Tesla product with our referral link. Get possible discounts, free supercharger miles, 3 months of Full Self-Driving Capability, additional credits to purchase a variety of Tesla Shop accessories, or enter giveaways for exciting trips and even free vehicles!


Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Model 3 & Y

Enhance your Tesla Model 3 or Y with a specially designed accessories. Made with quality materials for a seamless fit and stylish look.


Center Console Cup Holder

Model 3 & Y

Safely store your beverages while driving with a cup holder insert featuring a soft rubber lining, ensuring a secure fit and spill prevention.


Performance Pedal Pads

Model 3 & Y

Non-slip surface design with high-quality Aluminum and rubber material, excellent fit and finish, providing excellent grip and this performance pedal set looks OEM style.


Door Trim Cover Wrap

Model 3

Keep your Model 3 door looking brand new with an ABS plastic door protector. Say goodbye to scratches and hello to durability.


Trunk Grocery Bag Hook

Model 3

Elevate your Tesla Model 3 trunk with a durable high-strength anodized aluminum hooks. Designed to securely hold up to 7lbs of groceries.


Mud Flaps

All Models

Get unparalleled defense against road debris with precisely custom-cut mud guards for your Tesla vehicles. Easy to install and guaranteed protection.


Backseat Dog Cover

Model 3 & Y

Ensure the comfort and safety of your furry friend with an all-inclusive designed rear seat cover. The perfect dog car seat cover for Tesla owners and they fit a variety of models.



All Models

Ensure the safety of your Tesla and capture any incidents with the SAMSUNG SSD T7 Portable External Solid State Drive 1TB. Stay protected and have peace of mind.


Bomely Spoiler Wing

Model 3

Enhance the performance and style of your Tesla Model 3 with a custom-designed rear spoiler. Made from high-quality ABS for durability and a perfect fit.


Frequently asked questions

Nope! We just enjoy the experience of the car, while saving money! Go fast, without gas!

We encourge you to test drive at your nearest Tesla Shop / Dealer, but the most common choices are the Model 3 or Model Y.

Please check your state regulations to see the latest updates on what vehicles qualify for state or federal tax rebate credits.

Referral benefits change often as do the rewards redeemable with the Tesla Refferal Credits. The most common benefits is Free SuperCharging Miles or 3 months of Full Self-Driving Capability, but always check for the latest updates from Tesla. You can also message us directly via the chat bubble if you have any questions!